Other writing

Selected news and branded content, written as Jessica Nelson, for previous employers and corporate clients.

Case Study: Pebble Hill Plantation
A case study for Pinova, Inc., a wood products company that distills a variety of chemical products from longleaf pine stumps. One land manager explains why he chose to work with Pinova to harvest stumps off this hunting plantation and historic site.

All Heart: Big B Stumping
Profile of the Brown family, a stump harvesting operation out of Fruitdale, Alabama. Published in Southern Loggin’ Times.

Dissecting Fish Taxonomy
Cataloguing the world around us is not a new occupation (or preoccupation) for humans, but the science of taxonomy still seems like murky water to many of us. Why is it important?

Helping soldiers stay healthy
Not everyone gets gassed on the job, much less by choice. Kinesiology graduate students work with Fort Benning recruits on how to recover from and avoid training injuries.

Macrophage technology and the science of the future
In Olusegun Fagbohun’s opinion, it is a great time to be a scientist. He         describes his phage display cancer research with Auburn University’s Department of Pathobiology.

Summer with the Black Brant
There was nothing to see but an unbroken sea of snow and ice when graduate student Maureen McClintock arrived at the Tutakoke Bird Camp in April 2013. Her summer research, master’s project, and future plans.

Water Quality, Urbanization, and West Nile Virus
Feature on scientific research aimed at predicting West Nile Virus outbreaks from environmental factors.


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