3 things

Right, so I’ve been on hiatus. From the blog I just started.

The bright side of that is that I’ve been so darn busy. Downside: less time for personal writing. So, in order to reverse the downward trend of unpaid writing (wait…what?), here are three things I love this week.

The Legend of Korra, Season Three.

The first two seasons were great, but this season three means bidness. Did I squee when I was watching it? Oh yes, I did. And then I laughed this nervous laugh because it was so good it reached ludicrous speed. I read somewhere it got dumped from the Nickelodeon lineup and ended up online – can you be too good for TV? I guess so.

The Mindy Project.

Comic antiheroes are hard. You can go to far into jerkland (House, MD frex) pretty easily, or lose your edge. For me, this show remains lightly but delightfully subversive, even in a middle of the road premiere.


There are probably millions of sentences dedicated to this precious beverage. Today, like most days, I take a moment to appreciate hot, bitter gold.


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